Planting a mango tree isn’t difficult when you have the right tools. Mangos get a bad rap for being fragile when really, that’s not the case. Once you have a solid foundation planted in a warm spot, the hard part is done! Mango trees thrive best in the warmest environments. That means that Florida is one of the best places to grow mangos.

Step One

Stop by your local home improvement store. You’ll want to start with by choosing the right nursery tree. Use your best judgment when choosing. Don’t pick branches that are sagging or “look sad”. Instead, pick the nursery tree that is standing upright.

Pick out a few pot sizes while you’re there. Pot size is important! You want your nursery tree to develop strong roots.

Step Two

Choose the perfect location. After caring for your nursery tree for several weeks, you can determine if the mango tree is ready to be planted.

When planting, you’ll want to consider three things:

  • Rain/Flooding areas
  • Warmest area
  • Large open space for the tree to grow

The most important aspect of choosing a location to plant your mango tree is to think about the Florida weather. Heavy rains and flooding can damage it. That’s why it’s best to choose the warmest, driest location in your yard.

Step Three

Give your mango tree an endless amount of TLC! You can never go wrong by giving some tender, love, and care. Take care of your tree daily.

This includes:

  • Watering the tree when necessary without drowning
  • Pour fertilizer occasionally
  • Protect the trunk from injuries, especially when cutting the lawn
  • Nip fungus in the bud with simple antifungal solutions!

Following these simple steps will help you in growing a fruitful, and lasting mango tree.

Planting Your Mango Tree: Let Us Do the Heavy Lifting

We understand that planting any tree can be intimidating for a beginning gardener. Don’t worry because we’re here to help. We combine our years of expertise to bring our clients the best, most reliable services in the market. We also offer landscape maintenance services. Call us to help you care for your mango tree!