Landscapes will not thrive properly without irrigation! From the point of installation to the required ongoing irrigation maintenance, our team ensures that every piece of your particular landscape puzzle receives the care and concern it deserves.

We offer the latest in low volume or drip type irrigation systems to save water and place irrigation where it is needed; on the plant roots. However, you may be wondering, what system is best for you? There are four popular types of landscape irrigation to choose from. Discover the irrigation system that’s best for your landscape!


Looking for an irrigation system that waters only as needed? The micro-irrigation waters the plants directly at their roots. This is perfect for small fruit trees, shrubbery, and groundcover. It is not recommended for lawns or turf.

Be aware that the tubing may be damaged by cold temperatures, vandalism, and dirt.

Flood System

Perhaps you need a system that generously waters plants, trees, and other foliage. If so, you may want to consider a flood system. This system floods the ground rather than spraying plants. It comes as a jet system, bed sprayer, or bubbler, making it perfect for ground covers, fruit trees, and roses.

It’s worth it to note that due to the flooding system, this irrigation requires an abundant amount of water and may cause erosion.

Rotary Sprinkler

Looking for an irrigation system that will cover the entire yard? Allow us to introduce you to the rotary sprinkler. With a spray head that rotates in a circle, the rotary sprinkler can cover an area as far as 100 feet with the sprayer. This is ideal for turf or a wide landscape.

The only con is that due to the space it covers, the water pressure must be reasonably high. There are some cases in which the rotating head may stick, so the sprinkler requires regular checks.

Spray Irrigation System

One of the most traditional irrigation systems is the spray irrigation system. Using a traditional sprinkler head, the pop-up head assists with watering the lawn and performs well even with low pressure.

One of the best reasons to choose a spray irrigation system? They’re incredibly adjustable and can span anywhere from one to 15 feet.

Like most things, it’s not completely perfect. The sprinkler head may need to be replaced due to the minerals in the water. Spray irrigation systems also lack the precision of other irrigation systems and, as a result, can waste water.

Leave the Green to the Professionals

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