Pulling off the perfect, magical secret garden isn’t as hard as you might think. In modern society, we’re faced with the anxieties of technology, road rage, construction, and delays. That’s why coming home to luscious greenery is so incredibly important.

A secret garden will give you the perfect little patch of tranquility to kick back and relax—the way recharging should be.

So, how do you pull off said garden? Hop aboard this magic train because we’re off to gardening land.

Step One: Keeping Your Secret Garden a Secret

Keeping your garden a secret seems like an easy step until your gorgeous garden is sprouting mesmerizing colors during the Spring. You’ll want to show them off!

It’s important to keep your secret garden a secret because it helps to keep the magic of imagination alive. After all, the biggest element of magic is the mystery of the unknown. If everyone knows about your garden, then it won’t be a secret.

Maybe you let the secret slip….no worries! If you’re in need of more magic for your magical secret garden than look no further, we’ve got the perfect solution.

Up the Ante with a Wooden Door

Access to your magical little land will only be possible with a key. Old, rustic wooden doors are perfect for enclosing your garden space. The natural wood blends nicely with the surrounding hedges and plants. Other doors can allow artsier designs like iron gates.

Wooden doors can be tailored to your liking. Get as creative as you like! Woodwork allows for lovely artwork and whimsical trimmings.

Need an idea?

A popular wood DIY door trending through Pinterest is a wooden, woven door. It looks just like it sounds. Picture a woven basket, instead of a basket, wood has been woven into a door.


Hedges or stonewalls can also be installed for privacy.

Tall hedges will block out the prying eyes of nosy neighbors. The best part is that hedges grow naturally, so you won’t have to invest in a boring chain link fence!

All you’ll need is a little hedge trimming every once in awhile to maintain a clean-cut appearance. But even so, some choose to let their hedges grow wildly!

The options are endless. You don’t have to choose hedges for fencing. Well-watered ferns or palm trees are fantastic alternatives for lining a pathway or using as privacy barriers.

Excited yet?

Step Two: Make a Winding Pathway

It’s no fun to have a secret garden that isn’t a bit of an adventure to get to. Leave room for a winding, grassy pathway!

Align your pathway with knee-high flower bushes and you’re in for a real treat. You’ll be walking through a complete wonderland of colors and delicious smells during the summer.

Kick it up a notch and line your pathway with garden stones or flowers for an extra pop of color!

Wooden Arch Bridge

For the over-achieving gardener, install a wooden arch bridge with a small body of water beneath.

Wooden arch bridges are mystical enough in shape, but placing them in your garden can add a fairytale-like touch.

Step Three: Adding Water

How about a Koi pond?

A Koi pond would be perfect scenery for anyone standing on a wooden bridge, looking below. Spending the evening watching Koi fish dance throughout the water is both relaxing and entertaining.

Water lilies or floating lotus flowers are stunning in Koi ponds. Their bright colors blend amazingly with the bright Koi fish scales. The best part is that water flowers, with the right care, are totally easy to maintain.

Step Four: Statues

Here’s the cherry on top of this magical sundae!

Whimsical statues transform your everyday garden into something better! Different statue designs introduce mysticism and artistry to your garden. So you can create whatever tone you wish whether that be storybook or eerie.

Let’s Get Building!

We’ll work with you to help you pull off the perfect garden. We work alongside highly experienced Architects and Designers to build your ideal image.

Our landscape construction services aim to impress, so you can enjoy your landscape every weekend. Escape your mundane…your secret garden is only a phone call away; give us a call at (239) 556-BLUE!